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Upcoming Female Photographers Workshop

Imani Nsamila
Nafasi Arts space
24 - 27 October 2021

The 1st female photographer’s workshop was planned and organized in collaboration between LADIES JOINT FORUM (LJF), which is an NGO from Tanzania on the side of implementing partners together with a professional photographer, Imani Selemani Nsamila, also from Tanzania. On the other side, there was NGO Friends of Dar es Salaam-Hamburg from Germany, which has resources and technical advisory partners. The initial stages of the planning
started early March 2020 and later the workshop was implemented in Dar es Salaam from 03rd to 07th August, 2020.

The main target of the workshop was to enable girls from marginalized communities with passion for photography as a career to explore their talents and learn technical and creative skills in photography. Another target was to build a new network of female photographers.

Therefore, this workshop successfully provided basic training on photography, life skills, career development, entrepreneurship skills, and business management. The trainers were ensuring that the training which was given to them were preparing these young women to initiate their own employment out of their photography talent. For the five days of learning, these young women were taken to field learning to different media companies and famous photographers, famous models, and celebrities to inspire them and build confidence for them to see opportunities in self-employment within the field of photography.

Moreover, during the workshop people from different development works and fields related to photography were invited to do sessions and give possible solutions on how these young upcoming female photographers to use in the future to address social economic challenges caused by a multiple of factors including a deep-rooted patriarchal system in our community especially on photography industry and market.

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